Aug 29, 2013

Pop my Berry? Pop away, thanks!

Hello everyone! 

I am pretty sure almost all of you have bought something through online shopping. Some might got lucky while most of us surely had at least, one experience dealing with not-so-great sellers. 

As for me, I seemed to be slowing down on my shopping addiction, either online or offline. But few weeks back, I got tempted to purchase a new phone casing as mine had broke and gone super bad, the broken pieces could even stick at your face while you're on the phone.

Anyways, I got myself to Popmyberry - quite a prominent and popular online shop for Blackberry users. Fancy pieces, great quality and the best part was they were having sales for Hari Raya!I've stalking their site for years and when I saw they had up to 80% off, I just HAD to buy.

Purchasing was easy, filling up order form, shipping address etc. Payment option? HUGE! I super LOVE LOVE LOVE their variety - they even have Cash Deposit option. Since I was going out the next day, I chose Cash Deposit to make my payment instead, which I don't usually opt for. 

Made payment the next day at Maybank cash deposit machine (CDM). Since CDM don't accept amount less than RM10, I had to bank in more. 

2-3 days later, got my stuff but not my balance therefore I asked from Popmyberry for it. You know, some stores like to keep them as in store credit, some would return together with the package - depends, I don't mind either.

The store did mentioned they would return it to me but the way their customer service answered was a little bit shocking for me.

I wish they were a bit courteous as THEY did give a Cash Deposit option. Not everyone has the opportunity to pay online all the time, ya? They asked for my account number, IC number (as they were using M2E they said -  which requires a company to key in IC numbers for an organization transaction which I have checked with Maybank) and contact number.

Nevertheless, it had been almost 2-3 weeks since my inquiry on my balance which was only for RM5, I still have YET to get them.

Oh whatever, it's just a small amount. Thumbs down to you, Popmyberry!


Sabrina ❤ said...

Yikes! That is AWFUL. Money is money is money, and it doesn't make it any less wrong if it's RM5 and not RM5000.

@DdY said...

Yep, that's right. I sent an email a day or two before I wrote this entry regarding my balance.

No one bothered to reply and I got my balance on the 30th.

So much for great customer service. Blerghh!