Dec 20, 2010

Review: KAO Liese Bubble Hair Color in Glossy Brown

It's been almost 2 years since I last dyed my hair. The main reason I dye my hair is not due to fashion statement, but more on covering gray hairs. Yes, I have gray hairs at a young age. It's inherited.

I don't dye my hair on regular terms as my hair gets long on a superbly slow period that no one even realize it grows. My favorite hair color would be from Garnier as it smells oh-so-wonderful and yummy, stays on well and easy application too. Plus it's less than RM25. Previously I bought the hair color at less than RM20.
KAO Liese Hair Bubble Dye in Glossy Brown

Anyhow, recently I purchased myself KAO Liese Bubble Hair Color in Glossy Brown after knowing it comes out as mousse instead of liquid! It was quite pricey when it first came out so I contemplated in getting it. Lucky I found this at Watsons KLCC as it was on offer, yay!

Hair color, solution, cap, gloves, hair lotion

It came together in a box filled with a bottle of hair color (40ml), solution (60ml), hair lotion, a pair of gloves, bottle and the bottle cap. There are also tonnes of instruction leaflets inside with various languages to guide you.

Mixture change color

Mousse cap

First, you need to mix Hair Color+Solution inside Bottle. Do not shake, just turn it upside down couple of times till the mixture changes color. Then, wear the thick gloves and change the cap. Squeeze the bottle to test the mixture if it comes out in mousse (buih) form. Yes? Then we shall begin!

As the instruction indicated, put the mousse little by little on your palm before spreading it to your hair, just like shampoo! This part is so much fun because it's sooooo easy. Your hair will eventually stick as the foam thickens on your hair. BUT BE WARN!


The ammonia smell is absolutely horrible! You could definitely suffocate, I kid you not! I did in my bathroom and lucky it had a fan installed inside (yes, I have a fan inside the bathroom, ask daddy why -.-)

Leave your hair for 20-30 minutes, longer for those with long hair. While waiting, I ate, I watched tv, chit chat with family etc. The mixture doesn't drip. You don't even need to cover your hair with plastics or anything to keep it intact.

Washed my hair, shampoo and conditioned normally. Put the hair lotion but it did not soften or did anything to the hair, totally useless.

Hair lotion (right), not working-useless




KAO Liese Bubble Hair Color only sold in certain Watsons outlet. They have about 10 shades or slightly more if I'm not mistaken. Retailing at RM38.90, I purchased at RM34++.


Anonymous said...


I have grays too and I have bought 2 Kao Liese hair Colors. But then I read that it shouldn't be used on gray hair. How do you think it did covering your gray hairs?

thanks a lot :)

@DdY said...

It did fine on me. Still looking great. But it makes the hair a tad drying. Must be due to the chemical content.

Anonymous said...

thanks for your reply @ddy. I'll dye my hair tomorrow. Today the weather is too good ^_^

Laura Yoon said...

Hi.. I am also thinking to use that product.. Did you put the hair lotion after you have shampooed and dried out completely? or did you use while dripping wet? Because I read the manuals.. and it says i have to rinse off again after I use the lotion.. and im confused wit tat .. @_@

Laura Yoon said...

Hello :) ..Umm I have decided to use that product too. and I am still confused with the part of hair lotion.. did you use after you have completely dried you hair and use it as a normal hair coating oil? Or do I need to apply that while dripping wet after using shampoo.? As it says in manual.. i have to rinse off again after applying the lotion right??

@DdY said...

Hello Laura :)

I used the hair lotion just as I would use a hair conditioner.