Dec 23, 2009

Pray for my Grandpa's Health please..

My grandpa was admitted to the hospital since last week. So, things are not doing so good and we are busy taking care of him and my grandma back and forth. My grandpa is already more than 83 years old but we are sure that he ages more than that since he registered for his ID quite late.

Seeing grandma's worried face is definitely making things worse. She misses grandpa so much and kept holding his hands whenever we go to the hospital.

All in all, please pray for his health. Can't afford to lose him. Thanks everyone!


ADrian said...

my christmas prayers are wif him and ur family :)

Aiman Shizuko said...

take care of yourself :)

@DdY said...

adrian:thanks adrian..

aiman: it's not me who's sick la.but my grandpa