Nov 13, 2009

Review: ELF Studio Eyeliner & Shadow Stick

Most eye shadows are pressed into pan to avoid flyaways and easy to bring with. However, more ways are created to make the eyeshadow as technologies move forward.Therefore, ELF, a famous cosmetic company had created a portable eyeshadow AND eyeliner together in 1 called the ELF Studio Eyeliner & Shadow Stick. There are 4 colors to be chosen from and being someone who is greedy and curious that I bought ALL colors! Now, I present to you the review for these sticks.

The colors are Green/Moss, Black/Smoke, Pearl/Glow & Brown/Basic. Each eyeliner comes with a duo tip - an eyeliner and an eyeshadow stick at each end. All of these colors are pigmented, gorgeous and glides easily on my skin. They are slightly shimmery thus making it suitable to be worn daily or nightly. The liners are not too creamy but neither stiff. It has the right consistency which makes application easy. The packaging is convenient too as it comes in a pen-like applicator. This makes your hand can easily grab and control them while wearing to intensify the color. It stayed on my lids for more than 8 hours without smudging!I'm impress :)

This is the list of the ingredient.


The swatches - both with and without flash.

But the eyeliners smudge on me except for Green/Moss!And I do not have oily lids. Most beauty blogs who reviewed this had mentioned the same thing. Another con was when the first time I used the eyeshadow stick, it fell off from the applicator! I had to put the stick back into the pen-like applicator and pushed it in to make it firm. But, it fell off every time I open the cap :(

Overall, I like this product. But I wish that the stick would not come off..ELF needs to do something about it!Priced at USD3 per piece, equals to RM15..what's not to love?

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Natasha said...

addy... put the liner in the fridge for 2-3 hours... it'll turn just great :)