Oct 31, 2013

Spring cleaning! Share the love, beauties

As the title suggest, I'm doing some spring cleaning over the stuff I have.

Dealing method: Postage in Malaysia only. Poslaju from RM6 West Malaysia, RM9 East Malaysia

Contact method/details: http://makeuphavenvanity.blogspot.com/p/order-form.html

Payment method: Maybank, RHB or Bank Islam

Ready stock - NYX Round Lipsticks @ RM10 each
Tea Rose

Ready stock - NYX Round Lipgloss @ RM10 each

Pinky Natural
Cafe Latte
Ballerina Pink

Ready stock - NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil @ RM12 each
Cottage Cheese
Pots & Pans

Ready stock - NYX Slim Eye Pencil @ RM10 each

Seafoam Green
Satin Blue
24 Karat

Ready stock - NYX Powder Blush @ RM20 each

Ready stock - NYX Mosaic Powder Blush @ RM30 each

Ready stock - NYX Single Eyeshadow @ RM10 each
ES03 Nude
ES11 Iced Mocha
ES114 Oro
ES116 Wild Fire
ES31 Lime Green
ES121 Seafoam Green
ES32 Purple
ES64 Jungle Fever
ES125 Red Bean Pie
ES56 Ocean
ES17 Walnut
ES29 Charcoal
ES67A Vanilla Shimmer
ES129A Taupe Pearl
ES10 Champagne
ES28 Green Tea
ES49 Antique Gold
ES113 Cork
ES29 Dark Charcoal
ES122 Morocco
ES10 Aloha

Ready stock - NYX 10 Color Eyeshadow  @ RM30 each


Ready stock - NYX Concealer in Jar @ RM15 each

Ready stock - NYX Trio Eyeshadow @ RM15 each
Spring Leaf/Lime Green/Green Tea

Ready stock - ELF Studio Powder Blush @ RM10 each
Mellow Mauve
Tickled Pink
Berry Merry
Peachy Keen
Candid Coral
Pink Passion

Ready stock - ELF Mineral Eye Primer @ RM13 each

Ready stock - ELF Mineral Face Primer @ RM30 each

Ready stock - ELF Brushes

11 piece Collection Studio Brush Set RM110
Studio Kabuki Face Brush RM24
Mineral Kabuki Face Brush RM17
Studio Stipple Brush RM10
Studio Complexion Brush RM10
Essential Eyeshadow Brush RM8
Essential Blending Eyeshadow Brush RM8

Ready stock - ELF Brightening Eye Color@ RM7 each
Nouveau Neutral

Ready stock - ELF Compact @ RM15 each

Ready stock - Wet & Wild Eyeshadow @ RM20 each
Petal Pusher

Oct 12, 2013

Pelipat Baju Ajaib, katanya!

Hi everyone! Assalamualaikum..

Hari ini saya decide untuk menulis dalam bahasa Melayu. Kenapa? Entah, tiba-tiba rasa nak menulis dalam BM. Saya nak cerita tentang aktiviti melipat baju. Ye, saya antara manusia yang rajin buat kerja rumah tetapi malas dalam bab-bab melipat baju. Zaman belajar dulu baju sidai je. Atau longgok je, sebab malas melipat. Tapi itu tak bermakna saya tak melipat langsung ye =.=

Anyways, sekarang ni kalau perasan ramai orang menjual this Clothes Flip Folder atau dalam bahasa Melayunye, Pelipat Baju.. Dulu waktu mula-mula tengok iklan ni terfikir jugak,

"Oi, apa lah benda macam ni pun ada. Gila malas nak lipat" 
"Tak berbaloi dengan harga. Lipat lagi tak payah bayar apa-apa" 

Tapi sebab rasa ingin tahu tu kuat, saya pun beli. Hamek! Dalam masa 5 saat je sehelai baju boleh dilipat dengan saiz yang sama. Sesuai untuk orang cerewet macam saya yang mahukan saiz baju sekata dan aktiviti melipat baju dibuat dengan pantas.


Jangan kata baju je, seluar, telekung, baju kaftan, baju kurung, lengan panjang lengan pendek, tuala, kain pelikat, kain batik..semua dah test! BERJAYA!! *ok, baju dalam je tak boleh. tak logik la itu pun nak pakai pelipat ni kan (",) 

Saiz pelipat ni 70 x 59 cm, berat lebih kurang 0.79kg. Sesuai untuk pakaian dewasa. Tapi boleh adjust untuk pakaian kanak-kanak tapi mungkin kurang kemas. Ada pelipat macam ni versi kanak-kanak tapi tak tahu la, tak jumpa pulak seller jual kat Malaysia ni.

Serious, sesuai untuk manusia PEMALAS melipat baju macam saya. Siapa nak, bagitahulah. Saya jual juga sebab nak share the love with everyone. Atau kalau awak supplier, inform la jugak. Saya bersungguh-sungguh menjual ni.

Sep 20, 2013

Review: Bedak Tanaka a.k.a Thanaka Powder

Ok, as the title suggest - Bedak Tanaka a.k.a Thanaka Powder. You'd be wondering, what is that? 

What is it?

Wikipedia said,

Thanaka is a yellowish-white cosmetic paste made from ground bark. Its cream has been used by Burmese women for over 2000 years. It has a fragrant scent somewhat similar to sandalwood. The creamy paste is applied to the face in attractive designs, the most common form being a circular patch on each cheek, sometimes made stripey with the fingers known as thanaka bè gya, or patterned in the shape of a leaf, often also highlighting the bridge of the nose with it at the same time.

It may be applied from head to toe (thanaka chi zoun gaung zoun). Apart from cosmetic beauty, thanaka also gives a cooling sensation and provides protection from sunburn.It is believed to help remove acne and promote smooth skin. It is also an anti-fungal. The active ingredients of thanaka are courmarin and marmesin.

And somehow, it is widely sold in Malaysia since a year ago thanks to the popular Malay artist, Nora Danish who put it on her Instagram as part of her beauty regime. 

Her Thanaka rebranded T.A.T.E by D.E.A powder

Doesn't this mother of one looks adorable?

Everyone wants to look like her. Clear skin, pretty, brightened skin etc. 

Yours truly, somehow managed to get this Thanaka powder in it's original form which was named Shwe Pyi Nann, made from Myanmar as free GWP.

Shwe Pyi Nann

I got the one in 40g green which was meant for whitening. It also has several other versions which are Original, Rose and Jasmine (if I'm not mistaken).

Ingredients listed

Natural grinds of the Thanaka tree bark, wood or root, lime, herbal oil, water and minerals. Thanaka claims it is not based on any large amount of chemicals and synthetic oils used by traditional cosmetics.

My verdict?
They claimed that this thanaka powder has 1001 of benefit which include:
✔ as facial exfoliator
✔freshens skin
✔ minimize oil secretion on skin
✔ gives cooling effect to skin
✔ prevents wrinkles
✔ suitable for infants and kids
✔ suitable for all age Sesuai untuk semua lapisan umur
✔ gets rid of body rashes
✔ for body and facial use
✔ eliminates itchiness on skin
✔ shrinks pimples
✔ softens and smooths skin
✔ eliminates pigmentation
✔ cooling and reduce oiliness
✔ acts as sunscreen
✔ works as foundation and cooling powder
This powder is compressed inside the 40g jar. It feels moist, cooling but yet soft to the touch. The green jar smells like lime and it smells sooooo good! But the overpowering smell might be too much for some. 

How do I wear this?


Scoop a tiny dollop on my palm and put few drops of water onto it. The paste will melt and turn yellowish. Do not drop too much or it will be really runny. 

Apply a thin layer over your face and  let it dry for about 30 minutes before washing it off. Or if you'd like, you may also wear it for the night before wash it the next day. You will get VERY smooth skin. Once applied, the smell wears off and it cools your skin.

Apply as demonstrated by Nora Danish here

Everything was fine until the end of the day, there will be a tiny spot or two popping on my face! This happened twice when I used this powder.

OH NO!!! 

I stopped immediately and everything went normal again. Thus it means, my skin does not favor this! Besides that, my hand gets heated up as if they were burning once I apply this powder on my face. Not forgetting, my face gets itchy once I washed it off.

This might be fine for some of you but it's a no for me.This is sold as low as RM10 to RM60 depending on size. It also has a bigger jar at 110g. 

Aug 29, 2013

Pop my Berry? Pop away, thanks!

Hello everyone! 

I am pretty sure almost all of you have bought something through online shopping. Some might got lucky while most of us surely had at least, one experience dealing with not-so-great sellers. 

As for me, I seemed to be slowing down on my shopping addiction, either online or offline. But few weeks back, I got tempted to purchase a new phone casing as mine had broke and gone super bad, the broken pieces could even stick at your face while you're on the phone.

Anyways, I got myself to Popmyberry - quite a prominent and popular online shop for Blackberry users. Fancy pieces, great quality and the best part was they were having sales for Hari Raya!I've stalking their site for years and when I saw they had up to 80% off, I just HAD to buy.

Purchasing was easy, filling up order form, shipping address etc. Payment option? HUGE! I super LOVE LOVE LOVE their variety - they even have Cash Deposit option. Since I was going out the next day, I chose Cash Deposit to make my payment instead, which I don't usually opt for. 

Made payment the next day at Maybank cash deposit machine (CDM). Since CDM don't accept amount less than RM10, I had to bank in more. 

2-3 days later, got my stuff but not my balance therefore I asked from Popmyberry for it. You know, some stores like to keep them as in store credit, some would return together with the package - depends, I don't mind either.

The store did mentioned they would return it to me but the way their customer service answered was a little bit shocking for me.

I wish they were a bit courteous as THEY did give a Cash Deposit option. Not everyone has the opportunity to pay online all the time, ya? They asked for my account number, IC number (as they were using M2E they said -  which requires a company to key in IC numbers for an organization transaction which I have checked with Maybank) and contact number.

Nevertheless, it had been almost 2-3 weeks since my inquiry on my balance which was only for RM5, I still have YET to get them.

Oh whatever, it's just a small amount. Thumbs down to you, Popmyberry!